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How it works

In 3 Simple Steps


What happens next?


Meet your local Oppa&Unnie

This is where your new memorable history is marked. We will make a group chat

on KakaoTalk 2 days before a tour. Then your Oppa&Unnie will contact you shortly

to confirm your meeting point and to coordinate details of your tour.


Experience the city

Once everything is confirmed, It's time to meet your Oppa&Unnie and explore the city.

Your Oppa&Unnie will guide you through the most cool spots in the city

where you can experience how locals live here and there and how they enjoy the life.

You can genuinely learn valuable points from the lively culture.


Review the tour

We always appreciate your opinions.

If you are satisfied with your tour or you feel something lacking in the tour,

 could you leave a review or a comment? It would be so much helpful to improve our service.

We try our best to provide you with much better service.

Next steps

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